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Customer Service

For security reason customer's personal information, Vietnam Flowers Online absolutely does not save any customer’s personal information when booking flowers online on the website of the Vietnam Flowers Online except your email address, and your phone number will be used as a communication channel between Vietnam Flowers Online and customers if necessary.

With a criteria  that how to help customers can order in the fastest and most convenient way, Vietnam Flowers Online website DOES NOT require customers to remember any login name or password when manipulating on

Your orders information (domestic and international flower delivery) will be transferred to the members in the network (destination) to carry out.

Order code using to check order information is only valid within 07 (seven) days from the beginning time to order. The order Code will be sent to the orderer’s email. We will not take responsibility when the order code is out.

If you don’t order but receive an email order because there is someone else uses your email on the website: In this case, please help us to delete this email, send notification to and absolutely don’t use information in this email for any purpose